“To Every Tribe” Missions Trip


Grace Fellowship is sending a short-term mission team to Mexico July 9-15 in partnership with our mission agency To Every Tribe Ministries. You might be wondering, "Why do we send a mission team to Mexico for one week? What can they actually accomplish in that amount of time?" Here are a few things that we believe about short-term missions:

First, short-term missions can be used by God to change the heart of the person going on the trip as much or more than the hearts of the people they are going to serve. So many times the person that goes on the trip returns with a better understanding of God's work in the world, a better grasp of God's grace through Jesus Christ, and a more passionate pursuit of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Second, we believe that short-term missions is best done in partnership with an agency that is working on a consistent basis in the area that you are visiting. It is not likely that God will transform the village you visit in one week, but you can be part of the work that God is doing on a long term basis by visiting even for a few days. We are blessed to have a great partnership with TETM. The mission and vision of the agency is consistent with our mission and vision as a church. Our elders affirm that this is one of the best mission organizations in the fact that they are training, sending, and supporting missionaries that are reformed in doctrine, practice believers baptism, and are training people to go to the unreached people groups of the world. Our team will be joining an existing work in ML, Mexico. This village is small and mostly unreached. There is not an established church in the area, but TETM has been working with the people of the village for a few years and they are beginning to see God work in the heart and lives of the villagers. Our team was able to partner in this work last year and we will be going again. This brings excitement for those of us who are returning because we are glad to see our friends again. This approach to short-term missions allows the church to have a longer term impact!

Finally, we believe that short-term missions can be used by God to strengthen the partnership with the mission agency and it can be a catalyst for God to call others to long-term missions. 

Please pray for our team as we go to serve at TETM and in Mexico. This year Carlton Weathers, Roger Sawyer, Noah Sawyer, Angela Horton, Kerry Wright, and Blake Ezell will be on the trip with us. Ask God to give us traveling mercy as we fly to south Texas and travel to and from Mexico. I would also ask that you pray for us to be lights to the glory of Christ while we are in ML. Pray that God would use us to plant Gospel seeds in the lives of those we minister to during the trip. Finally, ask the Lord if this is the kind of ministry you need to be part of in the future. You will never regret going with the Gospel to people who have no church!

Your brother,