Sunday Morning Worship



As Bryan Chapell says, “whether one intends it or not, our worship patterns always communicate something”.  That means what we do on Sunday mornings says volumes about what we believe.

The point of our gatherings should be to ascend far above the common focuses on style, order, preference, and music. The primary purpose of our gatherings should be to re-present and respond to the great story of God’s redemption in Christ, otherwise known as the gospel. Note: In the New Testament, we find hints of a “gospel structure” in Rom. 11-15 and Rev. 4-21

The “gospel structure” that we use has eight basic components:

1. Adoration (recognition of God’s greatness and grace)
2. Confession (acknowledgement of our sin and need for grace)
3. Assurance (affirmation of God’s provision of grace)
4. Thanksgiving (expression of praise and thanks for God’s grace)
5. Petition and Intercession (expression of dependence on God’s grace)
6. Instruction (acquiring the knowledge to grow in grace)
7. Communion/Fellowship (celebrating the grace of union with Christ and his people)
8. Charge and Blessing (living for and in the light of God’s grace)

Regarding music, our desire is to glorify God through the use of biblically-based music. We, therefore, strive to incorporate music with Scriptural lyrics. Since musical style is a secondary issue, it is typical for us to sing anything from an old hymn written in the 1600’s, to a modern-day hymn, to a new contemporary song written just last year.

We are a confessional people, having adopted the “1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith“. In our services it is common for us to publicly confess different aspects of the London confession, a sola statement, or an ancient church creed. Although we typically use a liturgy, we try not to be too “wooden”. Liturgy doesn’t have to be dry and boring!

What are some of the characteristics that you will find at Grace Fellowship? You will find an emphasis on God’s transcendence and yet His imminence. He is far greater than us and yet He is near. You will see an appreciation for both the ancient and the contemporary, the new and the old. You will (hopefully) experience depth, but not rigid formalism. You will experience a value for God’s Word and yet a dependance on His Holy Spirit. You will sense a respect and fear of the Lord, all the while being able to relax.

We encourage you to join us this Sunday for corporate worship at 10:15!